IRAR Consulting partners with one or more offices at an institution to identify information needs and customize surveys that fulfill them.  We design a set of survey items and plan analyses that give you actionable results.  We develop Standard Operating Procedures for administration. 

The survey is a popular vehicle for collecting data, though one that should be used discerningly.  Survey administration is uncoordinated at many institutions.  When offices target the same population, response rates are low from survey fatigue.  Offices often do not know how to analyze and apply results.  Surveys on the market that provide an analysis package are not customized to your institution.  This wastes responses and can discourage respondents into discrediting the survey. 

Surveys that are customized to your institution, and consider its purpose, your information needs and intended use may cover:

  • Student Satisfaction          - Services and Academics
  • Employee Satisfaction      - Climate
  • Alumni                                   - Career Development, Academic Planning, Advancement
  • Ad hoc matters                    - Preemptively inform costly, prospective pursuits
  • Course Evaluation              - Inform Program Review, Course Review and sequencing, Learning Objectives, curriculum,
                                                      instructional delivery, and Direct Measures with input from the student's perspective


Susan Coia-Gailey, Founder
Consultant and Contractor