Strategic Planning & Metricizing Strategic Goals

IRAR Consulting partners with institutions to define the core properties, or dimensions, of their strategic goals, and metricize each one for implementation and measurement.  In doing so, constituents have a shared vision of success, so implementation advances with everyone on the same page. 

Do you wrap up your five or ten year Vision, or Strategic Plan, by inducing evidence that you achieved strategic goals without ever having specified what constitutes success?  Will you develop and launch yet another one without metricizing all of the strategic goals?  During years of implementation, is everyone from the top-down on the same page, collaborating with coordinated efforts and necessary resources?  Are your key areas of Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management (Admissions and Financial Aid) in separate, possibly conflicting, silos?  Constituents may have different visions of what constitutes success of each strategic goal.  By operationalizing, or metricizing, strategic goals for planning and implementation, you can:

  • Calculate baselines and targets
  • Plan budgets, necessary resources, and tactics before launch
  • Conduct research to identify the suite of factors that impact your goals
  • Assess progress toward goals, and track predictive factors (indicators)
  • Report progress and indicators in a Dashboard, and in a suite of standardized reports
  • Identify and manage obstacles to success 

Susan Coia-Gailey, Founder
Consultant and Contractor