Return on Investment & Accountability to the Government

IRAR Consulting partners with Enrollment Management, Academic Affairs and senior management to know, understand and manage Return on Investment at their institution.  Even without a sophisticated database, I guide a set of quick-start Return On Investment (ROI) investigation projects at your institution. 

The federal government holds institutions accountable for Return On Investment (ROI).  Many institutions argue that the cost of learning is priceless, and cannot be distinctly measured.  Many have data collecting and methodology struggles such as low employment survey response rates, career development nuances among majors, and how to account for graduate school, time off, etc. 

External databases are in development to relay major and institution specific salary information to the public (  Start now to manage this outcome measure:

  • Operationally define facets of ROI that fit your institution's mission and major fields of study
  • Identify pre-admission predictors of employment and conditions
  • Link pre-admission factors, enrollment, graduation, student learning and ROI
  • Concurrently manage enrollment, student learning, and ROI
  • Impact ROI prior to acceptance for admission and matriculation

Susan Coia-Gailey, Founder
Consultant and Contractor