IRAR Consulting partners with offices and data administrators, Information Technology, and management to identify information needs, and to design and produce a suite of reviewer-friendly reports that fulfill those information needs.  We establish the essentials of data management and methodologies to produce reports that contain valid and reliable figures. 

Is your Office of Institutional Research bogged down with IPEDS, guidebooks, and in-house number crunching?  Does it cut into time to inform policy, decisions, and tactics, and to track/assess progress?  Do you feel data rich and information poor?  Are figures in reports reliable?  In a layered process, I guide institutions to manage reporting:

  • Identify information needs and necessary data
  • Design reviewer friendly reports that contain the information
  • Establish data collection, entry, census, and transformation to produce reports  
  • Manage data files in file structures, or layouts, that are report-ready
  • Automate production with IT
  • Document data management for reference
  • Develop a distributed system of reporting with office ownership

Susan Coia-Gailey, Founder
Consultant and Contractor