Institutional Research, Assessment & Report Consulting is based on the principle that data informs and integrates pursuits.  Data Management is based on research, assessment and reporting needs so your Data Library is research, assessment and report ready – more than a data warehouse.  This integrated System is the powerhouse for Institutional Effectiveness.        

Knowing which factors impact measureable outcomes guides strategic direction, and informs strategic goals, plans, policy, and decision making.  The institution knows how to: (a) assess progress,  (b) improve assessment results, and (c) report research and assessment results.  

In so doing, an institution integrates Enrollment Management and Assessment of Student Learning to practice holistic Learning & Enrollment Management, produce a better Return on Investment for alumni, and better manage institutional resources.

The principle applies to the productivity of any office or operating unit.

The data based System enables institutions to fulfill information needs, and integrate pursuits. The institution has the capacity to operationally define the levers of important outcomes, and achieve a common understanding among constituents. Institutions concurrently achieve strategic goals, and fulfill assessment requirements for regional accreditation and federal reporting.   

Susan Coia-Gailey, Founder
Consultant and Contractor