Learning & Enrollment Management

Whether or not you have a sophisticated Data Library, IRAR Consulting partners with Enrollment Management (Admissions and Financial Aid) and Academic Affairs to conduct and apply Enrollment Management research to improve Student Learning Outcomes and Return on Investment.

In many institutions, Student Affairs and Academic Affairs seem to be in separate silos.  Yet, my institutional research on Enrollment Management inter-relates predictors of persistence to graduation, Student Learning, and Return on Investment. 

Even without a sophisticated Data Library, there are quick-start projects that give you a jump start.  The strides you make pave the way for institutional commitment to develop a Data Library for further research and assessment in Learning & Enrollment Management.  With data based investigations, you: 

  • Practice Learning & Enrollment Management to improve enrollment and learning
  • Know what to change and for which students when you apply assessment results of Student Learning
  • Customize pre-matriculation interventions (“Earlier” Alert)
  • Improve learning and retain continuing students
  • Improve Return on Investment and build your reputation
  • Integrate Student Affairs and Academic Affairs
  • Concurrently fulfill accreditation requirements for using assessment results

Susan Coia-Gailey, Founder
Consultant and Contractor