Data Library

IRAR Consulting partners with management to identify information needs.  I work with Information Technology programmers and Data Administrators to identify data on the enterprise system that has research, assessment and reporting value to extract, transform and load to a Data Library.  We base Data Management on information needs to be fulfilled by research, assessment and reporting.  We establish when to extract data (census dates), how to transform (codes, computations, etc.) and load it (data file structure) according to its intended use.  We document agreement in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  

Institutions know that they need data based information to guide strategic direction, and inform strategic goals, plans, policy and decisions.  Yet, with all the data elements in the enterprise system, many wonder why it’s an ordeal to get reliable figures and reports.  Others feel data rich and information poor because figures do not directly answer pertinent questions.  

In spite of a Data Warehouse, many institutions lack data and reports for planning that tell them what they need to know -- to inform goals and objectives, and eliminate guesswork in making policies and decisions.

Institutions need a Data Library that is research, assessment and report ready.  Through our partnership, Data Management -- collection, entry, census, transfomation, and file structure -- is based specifically on research, assessment and reporting needs so you can:  

  • Guide strategic direction with institutional research (statistical analysis)
  • Inform strategic goals, plans, policy and decisions with institutional research
  • Assess (track) progress and effectiveness
  • Have reliable and valid figures at your fingertips
  • Develop a suite of useful internal reports, Dashboards, Fact Sheets
  • Expedite external reporting (IPEDS, Common Data Set, guidebooks)

Susan Coia-Gailey, Founder
Consultant and Contractor