Assessment of Student Learning

IRAR Consulting partners with faculty, chairs, deans, provosts and assessment specialists to target any element of the assessment plan for development or refinement.  We leverage the element to strengthen a faculty driven practice of continually fine tuning the value, relevance, clarity, and alignment of all elements.

Is ten-year reaccreditation an onerous project for which an already maxed out Academic Affairs provides proof that student learning is assessed and results are applied?  Has assessment planning become a perfunctory ritual for Academic Affairs? 

Ensure that Direct Measures of Student Learning are standardized.  Ensure they are aligned with program purpose and goals, course-specific learning objectives, curriculum and instruction.  Ensure that faculty standardize Direct Measures, rubric-based scoring, and grading.  Mobilize faculty to continually fine-tune, and achieve consensus on, the elements of assessment for value, relevance, clarity, and alignment:   

  • Program Review (Purpose and Goals)
  • Curriculum Review
  • Course Review (Learning Objectives)
  • Direct and Indirect Measures of Learning Outcomes
  • Rubric-Based Scoring of Direct Measures
  • Course Grades
  • Assessment Plan (use assessment results)

Susan Coia-Gailey, Founder
Consultant and Contractor