Assessment of Institutional Offices and Programs

IRAR Consulting partners with any team to develop a valid suite of measures that captures the essence of the unit’s productivity.  We identify the necessary data (quantitative and qualitative) and cogent methodologies of data analysis.  We design a Fact Sheet or Dashboard that is succinct, coherent, comprehensive, and reviewer-friendly, plus venues for communication.  

With an emphasis on operating costs and Institutional Effectiveness, does your team have a mission, or “marching orders”, and proof of the unit’s productivity?  You prove the value of your office, department or functional area when you specify:   

  • A unit mission
  • “Marching Orders”
  • Constituents
  • A suite of direct and indirect measures that captures unit productivity


  • Survey constituents and apply results (Needs & Outcomes Assessment)
  • Package deliverables
  • Develop and distribute a unit Dashboard or Fact Sheet
  • Display reviewer friendly content on your internal website

Susan Coia-Gailey, Founder
Consultant and Contractor